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Terms and conditions BonConsul

Article 1 General provisions


  1. These are the general terms and conditions of the sole proprietorship Bonconsul, Raf Verhaeststraat 61, 9050 Gentbrugge.

  2. These general terms and conditions apply to all services and information offered for free or for a fee by Bonconsul .

  3. The website including all subdomains is owned by Bonconsul and is also subject to these general terms and conditions. 

  4. Bonconsul only provides information free of charge or for a fee. Bonconsul does not give advice in any way. Bonconsul does not buy or sell financial products on the stock exchange, for its own account and for or on behalf of third parties. That is why Bonconsul is not supervised by the FSMA and / or the National Bank.

  5. Our independent research information services are provided on a subscription basis. These cannot be considered an inducement as Bonconsuldoes not provide anything else to its clients. Please note: - We do not have a brokerage business or offer Execution/Trading Services. - We do not have any commercial relationships with companies under our coverage. - There are no analyst bonuses

  6. Bonconsul gives professional investors the option to share their information on the website, whether or not under their own name


Article 2 Paid services


  1. It is possible, for a fee, to gain insight into the transactions and portfolio of a professional investor via . You will also receive an e-mail when a transaction has taken place. Such a paying visitor is a customer.

  2. NO auto-renewing subscription. Whichever term you choose, access ends after the term has expired and you are not committed to anything. So you don't have to cancel. 

  3. After the payment has been processed, the customer receives access to the transactions , the analyzes and the portfolio by means of a personal password and associated account.

  4. Listed discounts are based on the price of a group for 1 month.

  5. Mentioned prices include VAT and without additional costs.

  6. Before ordering and payment it is possible to get a good impression of the service. There is a free blog available, a demo version and the possibility to get in touch with (the sales of) Bonconsul itself.

  7. A customer of is given password access to the protected part of . It is prohibited to provide this password to third parties. It is also forbidden to share any information from the protected part of with third parties. It is individual access to the protected part of . The forwarding of information from the protected part of to third parties will cause major financial damage to Bonconsul . Bonconsul will recover this financial damage, including costs of legal assistance, from the customer and / or anyone who has unlawfully gained access.

  8. Reflection period. Customers have a 14-day cooling-off period after ordering. During this reflection period, the purchase can be waived. By sending an e-mail to info @ within 14 days after ordering , you can reclaim the full order amount. The condition is that the customer has not logged in to his / her account in those 14 days after ordering. After logging in, a customer had access to the information we sell. After logging in, it is therefore no longer possible to invoke a refund.  

  9. By ordering and paying a service via , an agreement has been entered into between Bonconsul and the customer. Bonconsul must give the customer access to the ordered service via a password and send an e-mail if a transaction has taken place . Bonconsul 's general terms and conditions apply to the agreement.


Article 3 Intellectual property rights


  1. All information and texts on are the property of Bonconsul . This also applies to information and texts supplied by third parties, whether or not under their own name.

  2. It is not allowed to distribute the information and / or texts of for free or against payment in any way. All information provided on is for individual use only, this information for free or against payment in any way to third parties is prohibited.

  3. Bonconsul is entitled to compensation and a contribution towards the costs of legal assistance for any infringement of intellectual property rights. An offender must take into account that the damage of Bonconsul can be enormously greater than the possible financial gain of the offender and that even if the offender has no financial gain, the damage for Bonconsul can still be the same.


Article 4 No advice, but information


  1. Due to Belgian law and regulations, there is a very big difference between giving investment advice and providing information about investing. Even if there is paid for information from Bonconsul about investing, this should not be seen as advice.

  2. Bonconsul only provides information on its website, whether or not against payment. No one can derive any rights from this.

  3. Bonconsul does not advise on buying or selling anything. Bonconsul therefore does not give any advice about the purchase or sale of financial products on the stock exchange.

  4. All texts and other information on the website are exclusively intended to inform the free or paying visitor of the website.

  5. T gene payment transactions are an investor follow. It is not the intention to follow these purchases and sales indiscriminately. Every visitor to and customer of Bonconsul must make his own assessment and also at his own risk. If a visitor to is unable for any reason to independently make a good investment decision, he must contact an investment advisor. can never be seen as a replacement for an investment advisor.

  6. The provision of any information on is never focused on the personal circumstances of a visitor or customer. Information is general and does not have to match the personal financial situation or investment behavior of a visitor of or a customer of Bonconsul.


Article 5 Personal data and privacy


  1. A customer must provide a number of personal data. Bonconsul will handle this information carefully.

  2. Bonconsul will ensure a protected ordering environment via an SSL connection.

  3. Bonconsul will never sell personal data to third parties or provide it to third parties for commercial purposes.

  4. Personal data will only be used by Bonconsul and made available to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement or if this is required by law. Think of third parties, such as an accountant for accounting processing.

  5. Personal data is stored by Bonconsul in a database. Bonconsul will ensure a secure environment.

  6. If an investor shares texts or information under a synonym such as Bonconsul, whether or not against payment, on , Bonconsul will respect this. The actual name will not be disclosed by Bonconsul . Bonconsul customers also have no right to know who is actually behind a synonym. The actual name is known only to Bonconsul .


Article 6 Liability


  1. A visitor to should realize that investing can achieve both a positive and a negative result.

  2. Bonconsul is in no way liable for the investment result of a visitor to or a customer of Bonconsul . Every visitor to for free or through payment is fully responsible for the results of his investment portfolio and can never hold Bonconsul liable for any damage or loss . 

  3. Bonconsul will do its best to put the correct information on . Bonconsul is in no way liable if there are errors in the information. The expectations and prognoses on are made with care, but certainly do not have to be fulfilled and Bonconsul is not liable for this. It is possible that information on is now out of date because the market is constantly changing, Bonconsul is not liable for this. The visitor must always check all the information on from another source.

  4. Bonconsul is not liable for damage if its website or the e-mail service does not work or malfunctions.

  5. Bonconsul will try to ensure that the website is always available. Nevertheless, for some reason it may be possible that is temporarily unavailable. Bonconsul can in no way be held liable for damage that arises because is not available.


Article 7 Illegal access


  1. Anyone who unlawfully accesses the public or protected part of or other equipment or software required for, including but not limited to; the CMS, the server, the email provider and the settlement of payments are liable for all resulting damage including the cost of legal assistance.


Article 8 Brand names


  1. The website lists many brand names and company names of brokers, providers and publishers of financial products, investable companies and product descriptions of shares, ETFs and index trackers. These brand names and company names do not belong to Bonconsul , no ch has Bonconsul with companies which brand names and company names are a collaboration in any form.


Article 9 Cookies


  1. Bonconsul can make use of the possibility to advertise via Google Adwords. Cookies can be placed for this.

  2. If there is advertised for and cookies are placed for this, a cookie notification will take place.

  3. Data collected by cookies is not personally traceable for Bonconsul .


Article 10 Legal validity


  1. If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are void, voidable or in any way lose their legal force, all other provisions remain in full force.


Article 11 Scope of these general terms and conditions


  1. The general terms and conditions apply to everyone who visits the website . Included visitors who visit the free part and customers and / or visitors who visit the protected part.

  2. The general terms and conditions apply to every agreement with Bonconsul

  3. Deviation from these general terms and conditions is only possible if this has been agreed in writing between the parties.


Article 12 Applicable law


  1. Belgian law applies to agreements entered into with Bonconsul , the website and these general terms and conditions .

  2. The general terms and conditions are available for inspection when entering into an agreement. On request, Bonconsul can send the general terms and conditions free of charge. The general terms and conditions can also be consulted on


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